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¨The secret for a radiant skin is the frequency of  your vibration¨  Yolanda Sotos





We all have been there: One day you observe yourself in a photo or in the mirror and love what you see, but then overnight, it all changes and you ask yourself "is this even me?". Suddenly it's as if you no longer like the reflection looking back at you.

The truth is that you are still the same and the only thing that has changed is your vibration, your frequency. Probably your body, your muscles and your skin have reacted to that change of frequency. 

Some time ago I found out about the water theories of the Japanese scientist Emoto Masaru. 

Professor Masaru picked up water from different sources and different places and froze it. Once frozen he exposed the water ice crystals to positive and negative stimuli. As a result, he found out that the crystal exposed to positive stimuli had harmony and a nice shape, whilst those exposed to negative stimuli wouldn't form any shape nor show harmony. For this reason, given the human body is up to 70% water, the harmony we project to the world has a lot to do with the frequency in which we are vibrating.


I was born with the Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Leo and Scorpio ascendant, ruled by the enigmatic and the deep and all things water and creativity. A loyal spirit. Adapting myself to the conventional has forever been my struggle as I would always choose to trust my instinct.

I was raised in a beauty salon as that was my mum´s business, in my grandparents' little town near the countryside. I would hardly touch my dolls, preferring to play with real peoples' faces. I wouldn't enjoy playing with other kids. My mum says that I would always put lilac makeup on my lips and nails and would disappear to go playing with animals, trees and plants. I thought I was a fairy. 


At the age of 8 my parents enrolled me at the Music Conservatory. I fell for one of my teachers. My respect and admiration for him was huge. With him, I learnt to understand and to listen to classical music. Soon I started losing interest in the lyrics of the songs or how the artists looked. I enjoyed analysing the sounds, instruments and how their vibrations would make me feel. I no longer needed words. 

With a background as a Fashion Stylist, my path in meditation and self knowledge started when I moved to Australia in 2014. When I finished my studies there I really wanted to start shaping my own project. That is why I decided to expand my knowledge and enrolled myself in a Postgrade in Cosmetology. I wanted my work to be my little contribution to a better world, this time, focusing on the sense of Harmony, supporting the human being's figure. Something about balance and inner peace. About the things I have lived, because of all the things I have risked. For the times I have been wrong. For the stories I´ve got to tell, knowledge to share, places to be and people to see. Because human beauty goes beyond rules and canons. For I can't tolerate an empty judgement. For all the scars. For all the memories I have collected. Because I still have so much to learn. For I long for a healthier relationship within us, between us and towards mother Earth. For the nostalgia towards authenticity, singularity and raw passion. For I believe and trust in self love. For all of us are gods and goddesses. We are all Zeus´ sons. 

Today I am aware that the lilac lips and fairy nails weren't wrong at all. Today I want to show you how the fairy eyes worked. And may we finally understand that the message we communicate has nothing to do with what we say or how we move the muscles of our face, it´s much deeper than that, much deeper. It's the vibrations that emanate from you! And we are responsible to tune that frequency.


Inspired by Emoto Masaru´s work, I have designed facials based on holistic techniques. By holistic, we understand the connection between mind, body and spirit to achieve balance.

During my treatments, the person is exposed to positive stimuli to increase the frequency of vibration: "The lower the frequency of vibration of a person, the denser his energy becomes and the heavier the problems seem. This makes our body loses harmony and it is projected in the form of inflammation, lack of glow, premature wrinkles, tensions, knots, reactions in the skin, and so on ".

Becoming a Mozart wasn´t posible at the end, so this is all the music that I can share with you today: My vibration. 






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